mit core 1 observatory

two channel video, 2021

a wonderful experience

video, 2021

Produced in collaboration with Rudimento and Nave Proyecto residency

deflation zone (weathering machine prototype)
scale value vision, 2021
Rudimento (Quito, Ecuador)
group show

Produced in collaboration with Rudimento and Nave Proyecto residency

deflation zone
Leaf blower, glass, sand, Eiffel Tower puzzle, Taj Mahal clock, plastic flower, beautiful horse statue, assamble your-self house “Pro Home” series

window of the world
Risograph printed publication, 8 original prints.

Produced in collaboration with Riso Bar and Reconstructed Mag
Riso Bar, Press

SIMPLE POOL: Now Everyone will have their Dream Home.
as part of Next Exit
Ex Ovo, Dallas, Texas
October 2019

press release
d magazine

Exhibition Images by Trey Burns

Installation View